I love creating contemporary, sharp and edgy designs while maintaining the elegance of the more classic styles. I enjoy variety and creating something a bit different, a cake that's not just a cake but also a center- piece. Fast track to the designs here.


For me, the taste is every bit as important as the design itself. I have spent countless hours testing and tasting my recipes to create cakes that are moist, soft and that the flavour combinations are unique. I am a huge advocate of high quality, Irish ingredients and where possible I shop locally and in season. I steer clear of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. All the flavours and colours are natural from the raw ingredients used. You can feel good about eating these cakes that are made from scratch and serving them to your guests. Come and swoon over our comprehensive list of flavours and fillings here.


Each cake and treat is treated as the ultimate priority and I limit the number of cakes I take on each year in order to provide you with the highest level of service and attention. If you are looking for a comprehensive design service with a boutique feel, no matter what your style preferences or priorities are. I have all of the experience and creativity.


My philosophy or even policy for waste, is something I’ve always abided by but never realised it came through in so many areas of my life. In a nutshell, I hate waste! It saddens me to think of so much food that is thrown away everyday. I think the compromise for convenience, in todays world, is waste! For that reason, all cakes are made to order. I make no apology for offering seasonal cake flavours and often ingredients are unavailable. Although my general waste is low, I am striving towards a zero general waste policy.

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