I’ve described our cake flavours, to give you a virtual tasting experience, to help you decide on your cake flavour.

Allergen Guide

Raspberry, white chocolate and honeycomb

One of our most popular flavours. The white chocolate and raspberry is what makes up the moist cake and the crunchy (almost like popping candy) honeycomb is in
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Zesty Lemon

This cake flavour is made from freshly zested lemons. If you like citrusy desserts such as lemon tart, this is the cake for you as the buttercream icing is tang
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Pecan and Maple

This cake flavour always surprises people. It’s super moist and nutty. The buttercream in this cake is a maple and crunchy pecan praline. The praline adds tex
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Lime and Coconut

The lime is the feature flavour that brings everything together. It’s light and has a tropical/mojito vibe. Great with cold sparkling drinks.
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Chocolate, Guinness, salted caramel

Lastly, my personal favourite, our chocolate and Guinness cake and salted caramel buttercream. It’s so good, you have to try it to believe it. A great dessert
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Vanilla, Elderflower & Gooseberry

The flavours of this cake are subtle and layered. First you get the vanilla, followed by the tartness of the gooseberries and then the fragrance of the elderflo
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Carrot, Walnut & Orange

Our carrot cake is a balance of the sweet carrot and the spicy earthiness of cinnamon and nutmeg. The cake works really well with the zesty orange buttercream,
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Chocolate Biscuit

Although chocolate biscuit cake is widely available, it’s still as popular and a great crowd pleaser. Our version, has a perfect ratio of ganache to biscuit.
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The only condiment we buy from a reputable Irish produce is our jams. We source these from G’s jams. This way we can concentrate on everything else and leave the jam making to those that do it best. Shop the collection now
and choose your preferred cake flavour.
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