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Our Party Cakes range suits every occasion.  They make great dessert cakes for a celebration or why not bring one to a party as a gift?! Customise your cake with a name plaque or topper and candles. These cakes are perfect for milestone and general birthday parties too. All of these cakes have a buttercream finish and are 4″ deep.

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  • Chocolate Biscuit Truffle Cake

    Our Chocolate Biscuit Truffle Cake is a real crowd pleaser. It’s great for parties as you don’t need a fork and plate. It cuts easily into smaller pieces too, so you get more from this flavour. It is a ganache iced cake with a sleek finish styled with chocolate truffles. The cake is 4″ deep.

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  • Chocolate, Guinness & Cream Cheese

    Our Chocolate cake design makes a great dessert cake with its Guinness and Cream Cheese Frosting. The sponge also contains Guinness which gives the cake its depth of flavour and colour but the taste is not overpowering. This cake requires refrigeration until serving as it contains fresh cream in the icing.



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  • Raspberry, White Chocolate & Honeycomb Cake

    Our Raspberry cake design is one our most popular party cakes.  It is a buttercream iced cake similar to to a spruced up Victoria sponge with Crunchy Honeycomb (similar to popping candy) and White Chocolate. The cake is 4″ deep.



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  • Rustic Carrot, Walnut & Orange Cake

    Our Rustic Carrot Cake Design makes a great gift to bring as a party guest.   It is a buttercream iced cake that comprises of a light sponge with chopped walnuts and has a spicy, earthiness which cuts with the sweet Orange buttercream.  The cake is decorated with sprigs of rosemary. The cake is 4″ deep.

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  • Rustic Zesty Lemon Cake

    Our Rustic Lemon Cake Design is a fresh and pleasing dessert to serve at a get together.  It is a buttercream iced cake which is sharp and zesty for the less sweet tooth and there’s a real kick of lemon.  The cake is decorated with sprigs of rosemary. The cake is 4″ deep.



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  • Semi-Naked Pecan, Maple & Caramel Drip Cake

    Our Caramel Drip Cake Design is great for a dessert and if you like sticky toffee pudding, you’ll love this cake! It is a buttercream iced cake, with a salted caramel drip and gives a sneak peek at the a pecan, maple sponge underneath.   The berries on top are edible but may vary due to seasonality and availability. The cake is 4″ deep.


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