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  • Abstract, Rose & Gold Leaf

    This modern birthday cake design would make a statement at any celebration. It is a buttercream iced cake styled with a fresh rose and gold leaf, available in a number of colours. The single tier is 6″ deep and 2 tier options are 10″ deep.  A name plaque can also be added to the front of the cake.

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  • Bird House Cake

    Our Bird House Birthday Cake is perfect for your little boy or girl. The tree, little bird and bird house are all edible and made from sugar. This is an example of an off white finish.  The single tier is 6″ deep and 2 tier options are 10″ deep.

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  • Booties Christening Cake

    Our Booties Christening cake design has sweet little edible feet walking all over the cake and also comes with a pair of clay booties, that you can keep as a memento.  All are available for collection from our Dublin base. This is an example of the blush pink finish.  A name plaque and date are included. 

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  • Building Blocks Christening Cake

    Our Building Blocks Christening cake design has an assortment of fondant items on display which can be kept as a memento of your baby’s special day!  It has the Christening date displayed on the building blocks and has a cute little vest hanging on a line of coloured bunting.  Your child’s name is shown on the top of the cake also.

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  • Buttercream Basics with Watercolouring Technique

    Learn how to decorate a tiered cake with buttercream to achieve sharp, straight edges with watercolour effect and broken gold leaf. Perfect for beginners!

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    With over 5 years experience, buttercream cake finishes are still as popular as ever with a trend towards sharp contemporary edges and smooth finish.

    Whether you’re making a cake for a party, wedding or just for fun, this buttercream technique provides the perfect canvas for you to work on.

    You will learn all of the fundamentals from start to finish of decorating a 3 tier cake with a simple Buttercream.

    Content of the Course:

    • Preparing Buttercream
    • Filling and applying buttercream to a cake to achieve smooth, yet sharp edges.
    • Working with gel and dust colours to create an ombre effect.
    • Painting on buttercream to create a watercolour effect.
    • Technique to create sharp corners.
    • Using dowels to stack a 3 tiered cake.
    • Using gold leaf.
    • Work with fresh flowers and learn how to attach them to your cake.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who is comfortable baking as this course only covers decorating with buttercream.
    • Complete beginners who are looking into hobby decorating or want to start a career.
    • Cake decorating career seekers who need to build up their buttercream skills.
    • Bakery business owners looking to expand menus or help train staff.
    • Whether you want to start cake decorating as a hobby or you hope to turn it into a career, this beginner course has all of the basics you need to build a solid foundation.

    I hope to see you in the course!

    Other Add Ons:

    • You’ll be entered into a closed facebook membership support group that is exclusive to course attendees only. Here you’ll be able to ask questions and receive help within private cake community.
    • Lunch is provided.
    • Tea/ Coffee and lots of cake!
    • Demonstrate other buttercream techniques, such as trowelled , linear ridged/ribbed and scalloped effect.
    • Notes will be provided on all technques, so you don’t have to take any.
  • Chocolate Biscuit Cake Pudding

    Ultimate Indulgent Callebaut Chocolate Biscuit Christmas Pudding, adored by the kids and demolished by the adults. With a white chocolate drip and topped off with some festive red-currants.

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  • Chocolate, Guinness & Salted Caramel Cake

    Our Chocolate, Guinness & Salted Caramel Party Cake is full of flavour.  A lovely surprise for the taste buds of all your party guests!  The cake is decorated with olive leaves and chunks of chocolate dipped honeycomb.


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  • Christmas Post Box Cake

    Our Christmas Post Box Cake is fondant finished with a non-edible Robin on top. This colourful design would be a great addition to any Children’s Christmas party. One size: 6″ diameter, 6″ high.

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  • Classic Christening Cake

    Our Classic Christening Cake has beauty in its contemporary simplicity. This buttercream design comes in a range of pastel colours, available for collection from our Dublin base. This is an example of the mint green option.

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  • Concrete Marbling

    Our Concrete birthday cake is a truly modern creation for those wanting a cake that’s a bit different.  It is a buttercream iced cake styled with gold leaf and marbling geometric pieces. The single tier is 6″ deep and 2 tier options are 10″ deep. A name plaque can also be added.

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